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Crisis Resources

If you find yourself in a crisis situation, check out any of the resources below.

Crisis Line & Suicide Hotline

Disaster, WIC, Food, Shelter, Clothing
Dial 211 or San Diego Area (619) 230-0997
North County Coastal (760) 943-0997
North County Inland (760) 740-0997

California Youth Crisis Hotline
24-hour crisis intervention. Also offers centralized information and referral to agencies that provide emergency assistance.

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
www.safenetwork.net 24 hour/7 days

Domestic Violence Hotline
Provides crisis counseling and referrals to shelter for females and their children

Food, Shelter, and Clothing

These are some agencies that offer emergency distribution of food, shelter and clothing. Some offer all three, others offer only one or two of these services. Be sure and call to find out what services are available when you need them, as services may change. Call INFO LINE for other options.

2-1-1 San Diego

Crisis House
(619) 440-3579
24 hour hotline 1-800-479-3339
1011 E. Main St.
El Cajon, Ca 92021
Provides food baskets for people in need who submit a referral letter from police, welfare or other social agencies with their request for food.

Salvation Army
(619) 440-3579
Hotline 1-800-958-7825
Services include emergency food, clothing, housing hints, legal referrals, social service referrals and crisis counseling. Sponsors an annual Family Thanksgiving Dinner in November. Provides a Toy Center in which parents can purchase gifts for their children for Christmas. Christmas baskets are also given out to needy families.

Family Resource Center
(619) 692-0727
A ministry of church communities in San Diego which operates a walk-in crisis center to meet food and shelter needs. Such things as fuel, medicine, overnight accommodations, clothes, bus fare, etc. can be provided to the needy.

Catholic Charities
(619) 231-2828
Offers a free, hot meal once a day. Served at noon Mondays-Saturday and at 1:00 pm on Sundays. Some new or used sleeping bags, blankets, and limited clothing are also available. Call the information number listed above to verify distribution locations.

W.I.C. Program
1-888-WIC-WORKS Or 1-800-500-6411
A federally funded supplemental food and nutrition education program serving woman and their children throughout San Diego County. Supplemental food vouchers are issued on a monthly basis. Also offers nutrition counseling to pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as infants and early childhood nutrition information. There are several locations that you can apply for W.I.C. Call the number above to find out the location nearest you, or call 211.

Golden Share
(619) 590-1692
Provides information and referral to community resources as well as direct assistance when possible for food, clothing, furniture, shelter, transportation and other matters of social concern. Prepares and distributes Christmas Baskets to low income families. Over 22 locations. Call to find the location near you.

Dealing with Rape

Anytime someone forces sex on another person without their consent it is rape. Rape is a true crime of aggression against another and it is not the victim’s fault. Some rapes are committed by complete strangers but the majority are done by someone the victim knows. When the victim knows the person who raped them it is called date rape.

If you have been raped:

  • Talk to someone and get help.
  • Call a rape crisis line. They will help you get through it.
  • Call the police. It is the victim’s choice to report a rape, but remember that it is a crime.
  • See a doctor. It is crucial that the victim not shower, bathe or change clothes because the doctor will do tests and provide medical evidence against the rapist.

Remember that giving in is not the same as consent. If it is against the person's will, it is RAPE.

Rape Crisis Center of San Diego
Available 24/7