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Scholarships for Foster Youth

You can get the applications for the following scholarships on the web addresses listed below. In order to qualify for these scholarships, applicants must plan on attending a four-year University, a two-year Community College, or a vocational / technological school.

ILS Scholarship Please mail to Independent Living Skills: 7947 Mission Center Court, San Diego CA 92108 or fax: Attn: Samka Aslan at (619)767-5240  ILS Scholarship Recommendation Letter

www.faceyourfuturesandiego.org "FACE Your Future San Diego" is a registered unincorporated nonprofit association in California. They provide free college admission counseling in San Diego County to current and former foster youth and promote a college-going culture for foster youth.

www.changealife.org The Change a Life Foundation Emancipated Youth Scholarship is available to California residents who are graduating high school seniors planning on attending a four-year College or University, or former foster youth currently attending a Community College who are transferring to a four-year College or University.  High school seniors need a minimum cumlative 2.75 GPA and a minimum 1,350 SAT score. Community College students need a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher for college courses. You must be economically disadvantaged, a U.S. citizen or legal resident, and be involved in extracurricular activities and community service (at least 40 hours).

http://www.sdfoundation.org - Once the application is completed, you can apply for numerous scholarships at once. However, The Daddy Long Legs scholarship is specifically for San Diego Foster Youth.

http://www.capfsd.org - The Child Abuse Prevention Foundation Scholarship is specifically for San Diego foster youth.

http://www.nfpainc.org - The National Foster Parent Association Scholarship targets all foster youth nationally.

http://www.orphan.org - The Orphan Foundation of America targets youth under the age of 25 who were in the foster care system at the time of their 18th birthday or were in the system by the time they received their high school diploma.

http://www.chafee.csac.ca.gov - The Chafee Grant Program is a first come, first served grant (there is no deadline, submit ASAP) for foster youth and former foster youth under age 22, and may be used for any college, university or vocational training program that is accredited. (This grant is formally known as the Education and Training Voucher Program-- a state voucher.)

http://www.sdcfpa.com - The San Diego County Foster Parent Association Scholarship and Education Grant. The scholarship can be used to help finance activities and supplies that will enhance your interests, talents and hobbies as well as for higher education costs. There is no specified deadline, submit ASAP.

www.alexsmithfoundation.org - The Alex Smth Foundation helps former foster youth attend San Diego State University.

http://www.fullerton.edu/guardianscholars/ - CSU Fullerton also has a program for former foster youth called the Guardian Scholar Program which accepts a certain number of foster youth every year into the college and provides a full scholarship, peer support, tutoring, and academic support. If you would like more information, contact the Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman - 1-877-846-1602