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General Education Development (GED)

If you are at least 18 years old, out of high school, and did not complete high school, you may be eligible to apply for a GED certificate.

How do I get Financial Aid?

To obtain a certificate, you must first successfully complete GED testing. The testing covers the following areas:

  • Writing Skills
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Reading Skills
  • Mathematics

Upon successful completion of all areas of testing you can apply to the State Department of Education for a GED certificate.

Who may take the GED?

Any individual within 60 days of their 18th birthday. Any individual within 60 days of when they would have graduated from high school had he/she remained in regular school. Any individual, who is 17 years of age, has been out of school for at least 60 consecutive days and provides a letter of request for the test from the military, a post-secondary education institution, or a prospective employer.

Why is it important?

For many jobs, employers will require either a GED certificate or a high school diploma. Often employers prefer or will only accept applicants who have a high school diploma. The same is true for most military services. So when decided between getting a GED or getting your high school diploma, keep in mind your career goals and what requirements there are for the type of job you would like to obtain.

Where do I go to prepare for and take the GED?

If you do decide to take the GED, it is recommended that you go to any adult education center and enroll in a GED preparation class. There you will be pre-tested to evaluate your level of proficiency. Based on the results of a practice test, the teacher will either recommend that you study for some or all of the tests, or he/she will advise that you are ready to take the official GED test.

Adult Education Centers

Classes are open to adults who are 18 years of age or older. Youth under the age of 18 not enrolled in school should contact their high school of residence or the Adult Education Office at (619) 644-8015 or (858) 490-8682 to determine which program they may attend. Currently enrolled (CE’s) high school students may attend on a space available basis. CE’s must obtain an adult school permission form from their vice principle and after it is filled out and signed by all parties, it should be brought to the nearest adult center prior to the start of classes.