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Choosing a School

Here are some things to think about and consider when choosing a college, university, or vocational school.

  • What will it cost to go to school?
  • Add up the costs for things like tuition, housing, food, books and transportation Can you get financial aid if you need it?
  • What schools will give you the most financial aid?
  • Does the school have the classes or major you are interested in?
  • Does the school have the activities (sports, music, clubs) that you are interested in?
  • Is the school located in an area where you would like to live?
  • Does the school you are choosing have a good reputation for the majors you are interested in?
  • US NEWS ranks colleges and universities each year by major or area of interest.
  • What size school would you like to attend? A large school of 15,000 students or more? Or a smaller school?
  • Does the school have tutoring services, career planning, employment services, a housing office, childcare, and/or medical services?
  • Can you use public transportation to get to school?
  • Is there on-campus housing?
  • Will you have a good support system at the school?

For a huge list of Universities in the U.S. with links to each school, go to http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ/alpha/

Choosing between schools

Arrange to visit the schools you are interested in attending. Tour each campus and see the classrooms and other facilities. Eat in the dining hall and visit the career center, learning assistance or tutoring center, financial aid office, counseling office, placement office and health center (if these services are available). Speak to students, teachers and other school personnel and ask questions about the school and programs offered. You can ask to sit in on a class session, so that you can experience first hand what it would be like to attend the school. Obtaining as much information as you can, shopping around and comparing schools and costs will help you choose the school that bests suits your needs.

College Learning Assistance/Learning Skills Programs

Many colleges have programs designed to assist students who have learning disabilities or physical handicaps. Students who experience difficulties with reading, writing, understanding lectures, or note taking can receive individualized testing to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Once eligible for program, students are provided with help from learning specialists. In some cases, computerized learning programs may be used to help students. If you think you have a learning disability or if you have a physical handicap and you plan to attend college or a vocational school, find out if any of the schools you are considering have learning assistance programs (disabled student services).