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Your Resume

To be a competitive job applicant, it is recommended that you have a resume. Your resume should be a summary of important facts about you and your work history. It will give employers a chance to decide, at a glance, whether or not they are interested in interviewing you. The information on your resume is frequently the same as the information on an employment application. You need your resume to grab the potential employer’s interest so you will get an interview. Check out the link for some samples.


A good refrence can get you hired. Some people you might use as references are previous employers or co-workers, mentors, coaches, teachers, and neighbors whom you’ve had a good relationship with or have known for a long time. Be sure to ask a person’s permission before using them as a reference. References are not usually included on your resume, but may be used on the employment application. You should take a list of references and copies of reference letters to the interview. It is sufficient to state on your resume that references will be provided upon request.

Preparing Your Resume

Your resume should have a format, content, and appearance that represents a positive individual. Your resume should reflect the following:


  • Present yourself truthfully and positively
  • Relate job objective to skills and qualifications
  • Use strong action words when listing your skills and traits
  • Have someone proofread your resume for punctuation, grammar and spelling errors
  • Take your resume to every interview and when completing job applications


  • Use long, wordy paragraphs to describe yourself
  • Lie or exaggerate
  • Use pronouns (he, she, it, etc) abbreviations, jargon, conjunction