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Cover Letters

You should always enclose a cover letter along with your resume when you send your resume to a potential employer. A cover letter is considered a sign of proffessionalism and shows the potential employer you know how to play the game. The cover letter should be typed and signed with your signature. Click on the link for a sample.


You should be brief and follow these guidelines:

  1. Address the cover letter to a specific person. If you don’t know the name of the person who does the hiring, call the company and ask.
  2. In the main body of the letter, sum up your qualifications and what you have to offer. The cover letter should act as an introduction to your resume.
  3. Let the letter reflect your personality, but don’t try to be cute or funny, stick to sincerity and be yourself.
  4. If you are applying to a company outside the area or out of state, let them know when you might be in that area for an interview. If you are not currently planning a trip to that area, spell out whether or not you would be willing to make a special trip for an interview.
  5. Do not redo your entire resume in your cover letter, but do inlcude highlights of what makes you special (in a place of employment). This will tell the employer why you are an applicant that stands out. If you have not worked yet, you can use volunteer work experiences that show you in a good light on the cover letter.