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Applying for a Job

Submitting an Online Application

Many employers allow applicants to apply on their website.  Here are some tips to help applicants apply online. When submitting an online application, always print a copy for yourself. Allow one week to pass before following up. Call to talk with the manager and tell them when you submitted the application.

Applying in Person

Get an application and fill it out completely. Look it over before writing in it and be sure to read everything on the form first. Follow the directions carefully. It is helpful to bring a precompleted application with all of your information on it to copy from so you do not foget anything. If the employer does not have any applications, you can leave your precompleted one and ask the employer when you can return to fill out their company application. This shows you are prepared.

(Sample Job Application

Printing neatly is extremly important. Be sure to bring a pen with you, asking for one never gives off a positive impression. It’s best to use a black or blue ball point pen. All the questions should be answered. Put a slash or “NA” (not applicable) for questions that do not apply to you.

List part-time or volunteer jobs that relate to the job you’re applying for, beginning with your most recent experience and working backwards in time. Use action words that are clear and descriptive and show the employer your specific skills as well as your ability to communicate. Explain any gaps in employment.

Check the application over carefully for mistakes before turning it in. Correct any errors with white-out if you have it. If you find that you’ve made an error, don’t scratch it out. Neatly draw a line through the mistake and write the correct information beside it or above it if there is room.

Keep the application free of wrinkles, smudges or dirt. Remember, this application represents you. Your job application may be the only contact you will have with the people doing the hiring. They will immediately be able to learn if you can follow instructions, know how to spell, and whether or not you take pride in your work.

When you turn in your application, ask to speak with a manager or person in charge of hiring. Then be sure to ask if you can schedule an appointment for an interview. Get the persons business card that you speak to (or the manager's card) so you know who to follow up with. Persistence makes you stand out as an applicant.